I have had the distinct pleasure of being a nanny for over 15 years. I've worked with all types of families including those with multiples, preemies, and special needs.  I've diapered, potty trained, weaned, sleep trained, and more!  
Fast forward a few years. My husband and I gave birth to our second child, a little girl, and decided that we would hire a nanny. We interviewed over 40 nannies from many of the reputable and well-known childcare sites.  I could write a book on all the craziness I observed! From nannies with no experience, to those showing up with their spouse to "co-nanny." It was quite an ordeal.  
At that time I realized that it would be great if we could sift through all the insanity and just interview nannies who were viable options for us.  From this experience E-Nanny was born.  I've combined my experience as a parent and career nanny to bring you a team of nannies committed to exceptional service.
Our Nannies are the best!  We hire Nannies with diverse backgrounds and skill sets.  All of our Nannies participate in specialized childcare training throughout the year with local experts to ensure that they are current with childcare issues and news.  All of our childcare providers are CPR and First Aid certified and all new Nannies have 90 days in which to be certified.  
We love our Nannies. E-Nanny organizes a "Nanny Night Out" multiple times throughout the year. These events are social gatherings that allow our Nannies to connect with other nannies in a laid back enviroment.  
We make every effort to give our Nannies the best chance of success.  We know every one of the Nannies we train and we strive to keep track of their employment history, so we can find the perfect match for your family.