Welcome to E-Nanny!​​​
Welcome to E-Nanny! We believe that childcare isn't a fall-back position. It's a career. We hire and train nannies who challenge the status quo. Our nannies are educated, skilled, and exceptional. Nannies aren't a luxury for the wealthy. They are an affordable extension of you.
We are a local childcare agency dedicated to making the process of securing childcare quick, simple, and affordable.  We strive to provide the best in nanny services with the peace of mind that locality offers. 
We work with you every step of the way.  From discussing your needs as soon as you register, to supporting you in the interview process and advising on employment issues. 
Our nannies go through an extensive screening process, in-person interview and on-going training.  It is our goal to provide, not just great nannies, but educated ones. Educated nannies with a depth of knowledge that benefits all children in their care. Your children deserve more than a sitter.....they deserve an E-Nanny.
Thank you for choosing us.  It is our pleasure.